Defense, Military, & Homeland Security Equipment Maintenance

Military Aerospace Repair

military aerospace repair

Very few industries are more demanding than the defense, military and Homeland Security sectors. DCI Aerotech’s plating, coating, surface treatment and special processes play a strategic and critical role in maintaining the dependability and performance in highly sophisticated and specialized equipment used for the protection and security of the United States and its allies.

With defense equipment operating in severe and hostile environments, extraordinary demands are placed on the performance and dependability of this equipment. DCI Aerotech has worked with many of the defense, military, and Homeland Security’s largest primes and their suppliers to provide enhanced and specialized surface treatments options that provide the industry-leading standards for corrosion resistance, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, film adhesion, and lubricity.


DCI Aerotech has over 60 years of experience in the aerospace and defense sectors beginning with our work with the military effort of WWII.

military_repair DCI Aerotech provides over 100 in-house processes, many of which are sought out, required and demanded by defense industry sector primes and suppliers, including:

Conversion Coatings – dry film lube, alodine, magnesium phosphate, zinc phosphate, black oxide, titanium fluoride phosphate.

Plating – chrome (hard and thin dense), cadmium, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tin, indium, electroless nickel, zinc nickel, sulfamate nickel, ti-cad, nickel-cadmium diffused, copper, heavy bronze and black/olive drab, to name a few.

DCI Aerotech also offers other in-house specialized processes, including:

  • High Precision ID/OD Grinding
  • 7-Axis Robotic Shot Peen
  • 7-Axis Robotic HVOF
  • Non Destructive Testing Services (MPI, LPI, FPI, Nital Etch, Temper Etch, Pre-penetrant Etch, Passivation, and others)
  • Cleaning and Striping Service
  • Lab Testing Services (metallographic, cutting, mounting, polishing and sheer testing)
  • Selective Specialized Masking

DCI Aerotech is truly a “one-stop shop ” for defense, military, and Homeland Security industries’ plating, coating, painting, testing and special processing needs.

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