Industrial Tooling Maintenance

Industrial Repair Facility

Industrial tooling and components need to be able to endure long periods of uninterrupted service and operation without significant wear and deterioration of their surfaces. Industrial tooling and components benefit greatly from the application of highly specialized surface treatments, including plating and coatings, which increase corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and lubricity, and greatly reduce friction and galling.

DCI Aerotech has provided highly engineered surface solutions to the industrial tooling and component industry sectors since 1948, beginning with providing surface solution services to those involved with manufacturing and supplying the war effort of WWII.

We have proudly serviced such industries as hydraulic component manufacturing and repair, pneumatic component manufacturing and repair, gas and oil component manufacturing and repair, machine tool component manufacturing and repair, and steel processing, paper and pulp processing, and alternative energy component manufacturing and repair industries.


Repair of industrial equipment DCI Aerotech’s surface technologies are applied to ferrous and non-ferrous materials to enhance and improve wear and abrasion resistance, reduce friction, prevent seizing and galling, and to restore dimensions of undersized and worn parts and components.

Utilizing complex tooling and masking techniques, DCI Aerotech has the ability to plate and/or surface treat intricate details and provide uniformed deposits with such materials as chrome, nickel, nickel sulfamate, electroless nickel, zinc nickel, and black oxide.

DCI also has the ability to apply highly engineered HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fueled) coatings, such as Tungsten-Carbide, Cobalt and Carbide-Nickel Chrome.


DCI Aerotech is not only an industry leader in the application of enhanced industrial surface solutions, but also has the experience, skills and equipment to provide a high precision, completely ground-to-dimension part or component.


Our in-house precision grind facility is capable of providing ID/OD tolerance up to 50 millionths of an inch (.000050) and swings and centers lengths up to 120” x 144”.

With over 100 in-house processes and services available, DCI Aerotech is truly a “one-stop” surface solution center for all your surface treatment needs.

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