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Customer Support Center – Visual Net

To better assist our customers, DCI Aerotech has launched an automated online customer support center. This support center allows our customers access to our shop software modules:

  • Order Tracking : Check on the status of open orders, shipped orders, or both with detailed information on the order. Review and print shipping tickets.
  • Shipment Tracking: Check what orders have shipped.
  • Account Status: Displays all customer invoices in the system which can be viewed and printed, along with generalized overview of total owed, current and outstanding.
  • Request for Quote: Customers can attach and upload files from their computers, and add input needed for quotations.
  • Pickup Requests: Customers can submit a request to pickup parts. Upon submission user will get a copy of the request to print.

The support center is simple to use and allows customers access to the information needed 24 hours a day. Please contact Rachel Siecinski for access at (313) 341-9478 or,

Please note: Due to a system upgrade, as of August 31, 2016 you will be required to download and install a browser plugin the first time you log in. Clicking the login button will begin the download process. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. The plugin is only compatible with Windows OS on these web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera.



Screenshot of Customer Support Center.