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Aerospace & Defense Industry
FAA Repair Station

Nadcap Accredited, Leading Aerospace and Defense Industry Processor

FAA Repair Station

DCI Aerotech, a FAA Repair Station is one of the leading processors in the Aerospace and Defense industry. Our qualifications include, being an approved “FAA Repair Station”, along with Nadcap certifications in chemical processing, nondestructive testing and surface enhancement (shot peening).

NADCAP Certification

Our Nadcap approvals and commitment to “quality first”, puts DCI a step above the competition, when it comes to the broad range of services that we can provide for you.

DCI Processes

DCI performs over 100 different processes in its 7-building facility, truly making DCI a turn-key operation for your metal finishing, shot peening and nondestructive testing needs. For a more detailed listing of our capabilities, please refer to our “DCI Processes” menu.